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Getting Unlimited Traffic From Search Engines

Search engines have become so intimidating lately - most peoplethink that search engines are just out to get them - everyone'sbecoming afraid... They also think that getting #1 rankingsis near impossible.

Yes, if you're trying to trick search engines, THEN - they'reout to get you - BIG TIME.

BUT, if you're willing to work with them and help them,then they can seriously be your business's best friend.

Here's how:

Writing Articles for Search Engines

Actually, you're writing articles for TWO people.

1. Search Engines
2. Your Potential Customers

. Why for Search Engines?

Because search engines love content, and it's that very contentthat let's you invite traffic from search engines.

These articles help you optimize your website for searchengine rankings (more on this in a bit).

. Why for Potential Customers?

Because these articles are what your prospects are lookingfor on search engines - they land on that page, find theinformation they need and then see your "recommendation"- aka affiliate link and they click, click BUY.

So, your articles eventually lead to sales and commissionfor you.

So once again, the purpose of articles:

. Provide content/information for:
. Search Engines
. Potential customers
. Promoting traffic to your affiliate program

Optimizing your Articles with Keywords

We don't want to make your head spin here, so we'll try to keepthis AS simple as possible.

There are certain places you want to insert your keywordswhen building an article webpage.

Here they are:

. The title of the page
. The Description META Tag
. The Keyword META Tag
. In your Headline, use HTML Tag < h1 >< /h1 >
. Your first line of text
. Once or twice per paragraph
. Once/Twice in bold
. In the text of a link

Some other tips:

. In your graphics - use keyword in HTML ALT tag
. Use a secondary keyword also - a few times

Some Cautions:

. Don't Overkill - repeating your keyword an obsense numberof times will not help you at all - it will hurt you.
. Never hide keywords - never.
. Nothing tricky - if it's tricky, don't do it.
. Don't have a LONG keyword META tag

The above is how most search engines determine how relevantyour webpage is to a specific keyword.

This is NOT the only element involved in searchengine optimization, however, it's one the most important.The next strategy we're going to discuss is also critical -for Google, especially.

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A Linking Strategy

Alright, now, we're going to discuss the one, quite possiblymost important element to ranking well in Google - the #of incoming links.

Google has been giving more and more importance to what theycall their "PR" - short for Page Rank. The PR is basedon a scale of 1-10 and the higher it is, the more incominglinks you have.

The PR is determined by the number of INCOMING and OUTGOINGlinks you have. You should have the maximum numberof incoming links.

See, Google's theory is that by having a site link to you,that website is basically "voting" for you - that siteis telling Google

"Hey, I like that website, it has good content, I feelcomfortable sending MY visitors there, so should you..."

The more sites that tell Google that, the more willing Googleis to send it's traffic.

So, bottom line, recruit incoming links.

----- How?-----

How did we know you're going to ask that milliondollar question?

Our answer is not that "great" -

"Just ask..."

Contact websites in your niche and ask them for a link exchange.

How to find these websites?

  • Check the sites linking to your competition on
  • Do a search on for your keyword and contact allthe relevant websites.

Send them an e-mail, call them, etc...and let them know what'sin it for them - a reciprocal link to help THEM with searchengine optimization as well.

NOTE: A linking strategy is VERY important if you wantany chance at making it to the Top 10 page on Google andthen staying there...

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Kusuma Widjaja is President of Yahoo Cyber Technology, CV., based in Surabaya. He has over 2 years experience in Internet Marketing Arena, Custom Web Site Design and Graphic Design Services. For more information go to or you can reach us at +62-8315-838474.


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