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How To Turning Your Online Visitors Traffic Into Buyers/Customers Traffic?


Many leading search engines and b2b web sites offering online advertising pay per click promotions, search engines optimizations, Backlinks promotions, keyword e-marketing, Banner ads, etc. Now days every body knows about SEO or emarketing means online marketing can help to bring visitors buyers traffic on their web sites or their online shopping stores or malls.

If you type "shopping" keyword in search engines you can see many websites sponsored links on top, bottom or right or left side on search results web page. You or your company web site can grab targeted traffic through these kind of online advertising on various leading search engines and business to business trade directories websites.

White paper: Here we are discussing how to convert your online traffic into online buyer's traffic.

Check list for your online store or website:

1. Your website must have a good web traffic analysis tool which can track visitors traffic, keywords typed by buyers, geographic location of customers, how many web pages visited by prospective buyers.

2. Your website must have online live chat facility to guide online customers. This will be your online sales man or sales counter where customers will get help from online sales man about products features, products pricing, discounts, product demo etc. so that customers can easily take decision about purchasing your products.

3. Your products/services related help section must be having enough information so that if customer visit help section he/she will get immediate help from your help section.

4. Your e-mail, telephone no should be published on easily visible locations on your web sites all pages.

5. You must offer PDF presentations documents about your products/services features and price list, payment instructions etc.

6. Payment Solutions: This is most important thing to turn visitors into customers traffic. Many online shopping stores required credit card only for payment, but many online buyers willing to pay by cheque, demand drafts or by debit card also. If online shopping companies accept many payment methods also then they can increase more buyers through Internet. Many online payment companies providing many payment solutions to online shopping companies and online buyers. These payment solutions are useful for buyers and sellers both.

7. Data Feeds: Many Leading shopping search engines offering data feeds facility on their shopping web site. You can feed your products list with price and products features with images. You can update this information anytime. When customers find products in these online shopping search engines then your products image, price, description come in search results. If buyers click on your products then your website comes with same products details.


If your online stores offering various payment methods, Instant delivery of Quality products and services, if your website having online representatives or sales man, quick customer support and many other things then satisfied customers will bring more buyers traffic through mouth publicity.

Yogesh Ahire is e-Marketing Consultant in Mumbai/India and Author of ebook "e-Marketing Whitebook"



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