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Use eBay as Cheap Traffic!

Did you know that according to alexa, is ranked number 8 out of over 36 billion sites on the web? (36,000,000,000!). On average, it recieves 40 million hits daily, and of that, it's average user views 17 pages. That's impressive! What's also great, is that most listings get at least 50 very targeted views. If you can get listed on eBay's "The Pulse" (most popular internet auctions) you are guaranteed at least 5,000 visitors to that listing, and many of them will click through to your site, affiliate link, whatever makes you money.

Your probably thinking, big deal, it's almost like a ppc. What you probably don't realize is that you have COMPLETE control on the content of your ad (err?listing?). Two to three sentences not cut out to describe your site accurately? Then don't bother with Overture or Adwords, (Or kanoodle, goclick, etc etc) as they only offer you a few senteces.

The price of a listing that can potentially garner you over 1,000 visitors? About THREE DOLLARS!. What PPC campaign can offer you such bulk, targeted visitors with such minimal cost and effort? Not any that I can think of! Another great thing, is that your listing doesn't cost more or less based on your keywords! No more spending upwards of 2 dollars (overture expenses anyone?) for keywords such as "Make Money" or "Real Estate Profits", or even upwards of 7 dollars for keywords such as "Website Promotion." Simply amazing?.

The only pitfall of this is that you must have an actual product to bid on. Many simply don't think too hard about this, and try to sell an email or sales letter, or something of no real value, just so they can justify their listing on eBay. What you SHOULD do however (if you own your own product, this is harder to do with an affiliate link) is sell your own product!

Simply modify and copy your sales letter as your listing. EBay is notorious for quick shoppers who are very irrational when buying things. Candy wrappers selling for over 100$ sound odd to you? Not on ebay. Some eBay bidders actually make it a habit to buy and collect this stupid crap, and resell it all as a "Greatest Hits of eBay" collection. Now that's smart thinking! You want to take that a step further? Write an ebook about eBay mystery auction, and strange auction in general, or a guide on how to think of such crazy idea's and sell that very product on eBay!

You can probably understand why you should consider eBay one of the most unique prospects on the internet. It's like the search engines USED to be, where you are guaranteed hits and visitors no matter what the field, and where being outrageous pays off. Maybe you should check out eBay a little more?

Chris Everson

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