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Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Website When the Traffic Dries Up

Even the best websites with the best marketing plans can run into some problems with traffic every now and again. However, if this happens to your website don't worry because there are many different ways you can boost traffic with just a little effort. Consider the following 10 suggestions to re-gain your customers and boost your traffic.

#1 New Content

Adding new content on a regular basis is important because you want to keep your website fresh and provide new information for returning visitors.

#2 Keywords

Do some research and find out the keywords that pertain to your market, both directly and indirectly, and include these in your content. Then, when people search for these keywords your website will be returned as a result.

#3 New Links

Always work on getting quality websites to add a link to your website. The more links you have the more customers you will have. So work hard, always, at getting new links to your website.

#4 Re-Organize

If you have not done anything to change the look of your website in some time, maybe you need to re-organize. By changing the look and getting the website organized for traffic you will be able to keep people on your website when you get them there.

#5 More Search Engine Listings

List your URL with more search engines. You should make sure your website is listed with the larger and more popular search engines for sure and after you have completed this mission then work on the smaller less popular search engines. Remember, every search engine that lists your URL means more traffic for you.

#6 Directories

Locate the directories for your industry and that deal with your specific market and have your URL listed in these directories. You will get more targeted traffic this way.

#7 Submit to Newsletters

Write articles and submit them to newsletters, especially industry targeted newsletters. You will get more exposure and traffic.

#8 Put Keywords in First Paragraph

Review the content on your pages and make sure you have keywords in the first paragraph of each article. By doing this, you will increase your ranking in the search engines.

#9 Meta Tags

Write a Meta tag description about your website, including the main keywords in order to receive more traffic.

#10 Buy an Ad

Buy an ad in a newsletter and a small investment will result in increased traffic because many people will see your information and visit your site.

Try these suggestions, which should not take you much effort or time, and before you know it your traffic levels, will increase and you will have a website that is efficient again.

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