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Targeted Traffic for Your Website - 3 Guaranteed Ways to Create Lift-Off

Targeting traffic for your website is as easy as knowing how to simply direct traffic to your website rather than another one. The information web surfers are looking for is usually available on hundreds if not thousands of websites, so you have to make sure you are extremely diligent about keeping your website high in the search engine rankings. There are several ways you can do this which include links, keywords, and pay per click advertising.

#1 - Get Links

Getting other web pages to link to your website is very important and something you should focus on heavily. There are software programs you can install that will help you with this, but there is nothing like the personal touch. So, do some research and find the top sites that you are interested in having a link to your website. Then, contact them personally noting the good qualities of their website and how you believe a link from them would help your business and vice versa. If you are willing to link as well, then the other sites will likely respond positively. This is the best way to go and you certainly you will gain more links and higher rankings in the search engines.

#2 - Include Keywords

Make sure you do some research regarding the main keywords that pertain to your website. Then, include these words in your content, especially in titles and in the beginnings of paragraphs. Search engines rely heavily on keywords, so make sure you have your page optimized for specific keywords so you will get returned high in the rankings. You can easily do a search for your keywords and see where you rank and also find out if your rankings need work. However, one thing you should definitely not do is try and trick the search engines with invisible keywords as this could get you blacklisted. This is the worst case scenario, but it happens frequently to people who try to trick the search engines. Don't let this happen to you and simply find out what search engines look for and then optimize your page accordingly.

#3 - Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is another way for you to generate traffic to your website and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your advertisiment. The way this works is you bid on specific keywords so that when these keywords are searched for, your ad shows up on the web page along with the search results. The higher you bid on ad placement, the higher your ad is displayed. Generally, no more than 10 ads are displayed on a page and you'll want to be within the top four ads for optimal exposure.

These three tools are great ways for you to increase your traffic as well as target the visitors that you want to come to your website. By implementing these suggestions in your marketing plan you will quickly realize more sales.

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