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Increase Your Online Traffic in 60 Minutes or Less

Increasing your website traffic does not have to be a long drawn out procedure that takes up a lot of your precious time. In fact, there are a lot of things you can do to increase your website traffic in less than 60 minutes. Consider the following five tips that will take you little time and have huge results regarding traffic flow on your website.

#1 - Search Engine Listings

Obviously, if you are not listed with the major search engines, people who go to search engines to search for different products and information will not stumble upon your website. Start with the larger more popular search engines and get your URL listed. This does not take a lot of time to get started and is something you should do immediately.

#2 - Search Engine Optimization

Getting listed with the search engines is important, but optimizing your site so that it ranks well is equally important. Find out what keywords people are searching for regarding your content and then include them on your website to get more traffic.

#3 - Quality Content

Quality content is important if you want large search engines to list you, and it is also a great way to include the many keywords you will need to drive up your ranking in the search engines and to get more people to visit your site. Also, if you have quality content once the visitors are at your site, they will be more likely to stay.

#4 - Trade Links

Trading links with other websites can be done as quickly as propositioning another site through an email. The more links you have to your website, the more traffic you will receive. Plus, lots of links help you climb to the top of the search engines as well, which is very important for driving visitors to your website.

#5 - More Pages

Having more pages on your website increases traffic simply because of the numbers. The more pages you have, the more content with related keywords you can utilize as well as links, and the more keywords and links you have means more traffic and customers. Keep this information in mind if you are building a one page website. A one page website about sunglasses will find it very difficult to compete against a 15 page website on sunglasses, simply because of the additional content and keywords targeted.

All of these suggestions are things you can easily do within the hour if you sit down and get started now. Before you know it, the traffic on your website will start picking up as well as your product sales, and you will have learned the secret to directing traffic exactly where you want it to go.

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