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Targeted Traffic to Your Mini-Site

Generating traffic for your mini-sites is the challenge.

Search engines look for large content. Therefore it is easierto get search engines to "spider" your website. Of courselarge content sites take more effort in building.

Mini-sites, however, are only 1 to 5 pages with the solepurpose of selling immediately to site visitors.

This makes it a lot more difficult to get mini-sites to rankwell for competitive keywords. Unless of course you are awhizz at webpage optimization.

So that is why most webmasters do NOT rely on search enginesfor traffic to their mini-sites.

Remember this, you want targeted traffic, not website "hits".It is the targeted visitors that buy.

This article will briefly give some strategies to generatetraffic to your mini-sites. Here are some traffic generatingtechniques to get traffic.

Forums/Discussion Boards

Search for forums/discussion boards that relate to your mini-sites theme. Post your comments and respond to postsand use your signature file to attract targeted visitors.

The basic strategy is to find related forums and become active in them. Build your reputation by getting yourselfknown as somebody qualified to give assistance and advice.

Find out what forum members talk about and offer your solutionto their problems.

Forum marketing requires you taking the time to make sensibleresponses or by asking good questions.

Typically, forum promotions have no cost but you must abide byforum rules of conduct.

Ezine Advertising

Ezine advertising is a great way to gather traffic to yourmini-sites but this technique can cost some money. If youselect the right ezines, advertising can provide very goodresults. However, some ezines may not provide any results.

You usually have the option of "sponsor" ads or "solo" ads.If you have your own mailing list you may be able tonegotiate an "ad swap".

The advantage of ezine advertising is that you know beforeyou promote that you have a targeted audience that has alreadyexpressed an interest in your topic. That's why they subscribed.

One of the keys to doing well with ezine advertising is to runrepeat ads in the same ezine. Your results improve on the secondor third promotion. However, if you get no results on your firstmailing, do not repeat that ezine again.

Article Writing

Write articles and submit them to ezines, web sites and articledirectory sites.

Here's a short list of article directories:

The advantage with this strategy is that when other websitesowners post your article on their website you get a link toyour site through the resource box of your article. Alsothose that read the article may click through to your site.Imagine your articles being posted onto hundreds of othersites with a similar theme to yours.

List Building

You must of heard the expression - "the money is in the list".Without a list you are forever looking for new targetedvisitors. Building a list means that you are marketing toan audience that has trust in you.

Your list could be for an ezine, autoresponder course,a free give-away, or a customer list. Whatever you decide,get started now. People prefer to buy from people they knowand have a degree of confidence in.

Notice a the end of this article I am offering a free ebook.When you click through to the webpage you will see that I ambuilding a list. You are also welcome to give the ebook awayto build your own list.

Pay Per Click

Set up Pay Per Click campaigns and monitor the response levelto ensure you are getting a return on investment.

You need to pick your keywords and keyword phrases carefully.It is best to compete for less popular terms related to yourminisite theme rather than the top words which can be quiteexpensive to get top ranking.

Link Exchanges

Trade links with other web sites. They should be related tothe theme of your minisite. A lot of sites now have anautomated process for trading links. Search for similar theme sites and look for "link partners" page.

You will submit your details and the link exchange softwarewill look for the return link.

If you are doing the process manually it is best to put uptheir link first, then tell them where it is and the linkinformation you want in exchange.

This is not a comprehensive list of traffic strategies.However, get started putting some of these strategies intoplace. Otherwise nothing will happen.

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