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The Swank Meter - What Does Hilary Swank Have to Do With Page Rank?

Recently the wife and I were watching Million Dollar Baby.After we were done watching the Movie my wife went on theInternet to see which Karate Kid Movie Hilary was in. Itturns out that doing an MSN search on "hilary swank" cameup with 190,231 Web Pages, Doing an MSN Search on "mike makler" brought up 2,737 results. So 190,231/2,737is 69.5. My Hilary Swank Rating or Swank Meter is 69.5

After Looking up other Popular Internet Figures who Brandthere Name and calculating there Swank Meter's it seems that any Swank Meter under 19 is fairly good.

Name Branding is Important because it sets you up as anExpert in your Field, Lets Do a Word association if I sayGolf, what is the first thing that Pops in your Mind. IBet it is probably Tiger Woods. Likewise if I say HotelConrad Hilton or J. W. Marriott are 2 Names that have beenbranded to Hotels. For a long Time A. L. Williams was Brandedwith Life Insurance. Wouldn't you like to be Branded to your Niche Market Like Bill Gates and Computers.

The Best way to become branded to a Niche Market is toraise your Swank Meter. The More places online your Nameappears the better your branding efforts. The Question now of course is how does one raise their Hilary Swank aka Swank Meter rating? The Power of Viral Marketing is the best way to raise one's Swank Meter. Below are 5 Viral Marketingtechniques you can use right now to Brand Yourself

1- Article Submission

One Popular Author Claims by writing a few simple articles and submitting them to 20 or so popular Article Directorieshe Achieved a Swank Rating of about 10. For Over 50 placesto submit articles go here.

For Tips on Article Writing go here

2- Give Testimonials

Another Great way to go Viral is by giving Testimonials. Many of the places my name appears and often a link to myweb page is in a testimonial.

3- E-Book Give Always

Free E-Book Give Always are Another great Viral Marketing Tool. You can Turn your article Collection into E-Book(s) and give them away as an Incentive for someone to subscribe to your newsletter. Of Course to make it Viral allow othersto give them away too. It is fairly easy to convert an Article or set of article to a PDF (E-Book) Using this Free Online Tool.

4- Software Give Always

Free Software is yet another Twist on Going Viral. If youcan't create your own Software there are plenty of places on the Internet that offer Free Software for redistribution.

5- Forums

Forums are also a great way to Go Viral. Simply find a fewForums on Topics that interest you and respond to posts with useful feedback. Some Forums will even allow you to post a Link.

As you have seen the Swank Meter is a Fun Tool to see how your branding efforts are doing.

For more Ideas on Viral Marketing look in the Various Article Directories. Here are a few I found recently

Mike Makler has been Marketing Online Since 2001, When he built his first Sales organization of over 100,000 Members.

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