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As the saying goes in the business world "The Customer is The King" I would like to say that in the internet world "Content is The King."

While almost every website has an objective, to inform or to market products and services, there has got to be "Content" built into a website.

When we meet customers in a brick and mortar location, we have the opportunity to express ourselves, on a person to person basis, and to inform or convince the customer, as to the benefits or need for our product and service. We do our very best to be persuasive by words and gesture, by product display or by demonstration of product features and benefits. Our success or failure is determined by many factors such as our personality, our approach, our friendliness, our ability to do a good job of displaying product features, etc. etc.

In the world of online selling what holds true with a brick and mortar sales presentation also holds true in Internet commerce. I would venture to say, that the abilities to effectively market products and services, go much beyond the brick and mortar situation.

Internet commerce requires, great attention to be paid to many details, to enable us to meet our objectives, whatever these objectives may be. It requires a lot of thought, prior to website design, to accurately gather all the necessary data, to place on the website that can generate an interest in the product or service. Website content and design, must also keep in mind the need, to satisfy the search engines and convince them, of the value of the website content. Content drives search engines to accept a site as a worthy site or to reject it.

People go to search engines to seek out information about products and services and it is fully understandable, that a quality search engine, would like to help patrons with quality content. It is in the search engine's best interest and it should be same, for the website owner, to give the very best information possible, to search engine visitors.

Just as it is important for a brick and mortar business to create proper décor, lighting and cleanliness in their location, the same holds true, for a website to be successful. It requires a clean, crisp, direct approach, for people to find exactly what they are looking for, without too much of searching. The site should download fast and have easy navigation links. Nobody likes to be kept waiting for service in a brick and mortar store and the same holds true in online marketing. A slow site download is a poor start to doing business on the internet.

Treat your visitors just as you would treat your store visitors or your home guests. The concept is simple and if utilized in website design, should produce the results you seek as a Successful Internet Marketer.

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