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Free Traffic Course - Day 8

If you have any experience of work with your web site, then you know how many changes must be done on the web site to meet with new demands of Internet market. Sometimes these changes may be tiny, like adding some keywords to your text, but if you are not a programmer, you cannot do it.

Actually this is not true. Even a person without programming knowledge can handle changes on the web site. This can be done with a special web site tool - content manager or content management system (CMS).

Before speaking about content management, let's clarify what is content. Content is not only text on your web site: the links on your web site are content, the pictures and images are content, the buttons, meta keywords and descriptions are also content.

Content management system allows to make changes in any type of content on your web site. It is not difficult. If you have ever worked with any text editing program, then you can be sure that you already know the most important steps for managing content on your web site.


1. CMS allows to change the style, font size, color of the text; plus it has underlining, bald and italics for the text.

2. CMS can adjust the text by center, right or left side; create the lists with bullets, numbers or tabulation gaps.

3. CMS allows to paint the background with any color.

4. CMS can insert pictures to the web site.

5. CMS gives possibility to put links on web pages, bind these links to necessary URLs.

6. CMS can create tables with customizable number of rows, columns, their size, etc.

7. CMS has an option to switch the content of web page from visual mode to HTML code mode. Those who know HTML can edit the content in the code.

8. CMS allows to work with meta keywords, descriptions, title, etc.

9. CMS has usual "cut and paste" functions which make the work with is easy and convenient.

10. CMS can manage all the web pages separately, without installing the system to each page.

If you are not a professional programmer, content management system is a perfect tool for you. Only content manager can turn your web site into an living online organism that quickly responds to the latest demands of the market. The web site that follows the most successful online trends gets the best traffic, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Content management system is your wheel for online business. See a good road, turn the wheel and go for it.

Nickolay Bokhonok - CEO And Owner Of DesktopMoney LTD.Inventor of Internet marketing software and scripts. Successful Internet entrepreneur.

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