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Website Traffic Generation?7 Great Ways to Increase Your Web Site Traffic

We all know that the secret to success on the Internet is getting your website noticed and producing massive amounts of unique traffic.Even better still is producing this traffic on a consistent basis and for free.So how do we go about this task and what is the magic formula that will do this for us on a constant and ongoing basis.

Here are my 7 tips that will certainly in crease your website traffic flow and also increase your websites revenue potential.

1) If you think logically about the internet there are millions of websites and pages available and so you have very little chance of getting significant amounts of traffic if you only have one web page online, so in order to take the first step to gaining more traffic you must produce more websites and more web pages on subjects that are of interest to the general internet viewing public.

2) Having decided to produce more websites and web pages it is of the utmost importance that you research your subjects and look for the niche areas of interest that give you a better than fighting chance of getting your websites listed in the top few listings of the major search engines, These listing are the key to where your free traffic will come from.

3) "Content is king" and so always aim to provide fresh content that is of interest to your visitors and of even more importance ensure that the contents you provide is regularly updated, certainly on a weekly basis or better still on a daily basis.

4) Make sure that your web pages are keyword rich regarding the subject matter that you are aiming to attract your potential visitors. Analyse your web pages and ensure that your pages have a keyword density of around the 5 to 10 percent mark.

5) Do not populate your web pages with too many advertising or affiliate banners links etc as this will destroy the image of your web page as a truly informative page and give the impression of just an advertising billboard, which will certainly turn off a lot of your visitors.

6) If you are trying to monetize your web pages with adsense or some similar program experiment with the placing of such adverts. Top centre just below the header and before your body text is usually the optimum position.

7) If you produce different websites and web pages track the activity each one produces and then try to produce further sites that mirror to some degree the most successful sites, certainly this will lead to your optimum success online.

I hope that these tips will be of help to you and your online success.

Terry Till

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