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Using Traffic Exchange Programs Part 1

I have an ingenious concept in store for you!

I am sure that you have heard of Traffic Exchange programs such as Traffic Swarm, No More Hits and Hit Pulse. If you do not what they are just yet, quite simply, Traffic Exchange programs allow you to surf for credits in exchange for traffic to your web pages.

If utilized correctly, these Traffic Exchange programs can bring you effective results in both list-building and sales, free of charge. And I am about to teach you just that.

In this series, I will teach you not only how to earn credits from several Traffic Exchange programs simultaneously without having to cheat but how to organize your list-building campaign effectively.

Have I got your attention? So, here we go!

First Thing's First
Before anything else, you must have your own regular newsletter (also known as e-zine). Do you have one just yet? If you do not have one, then you have to have one right now!

The objective of this series is to gain targeted subscribers to newsletter at no expense. Since you will not be spending any money, the success lies heavily in your efforts.

Also, make sure that your regular newsletter is free for everyone to join.

If you do not have a regular newsletter, you can compensate with a free e-book or a report to give away in exchange for your subscriber names and e-mail addresses. Just be sure that your e-book or report is free and viral in nature so that your subscribers can pass your e-book or report to other people in their network.

In the end, your objective is still to collect a list of targeted subscribers so that you can follow-up with them later when you have products or services to promote.

The reason I use the word "targeted" is because you do not want to get just anybody to subscribe to your newsletter. If you are selling collectible game cards, you will want to get people who are fans of collectible game cards to subscribe to your newsletter and not people who are old enough to be your parents.

Register With A Few Traffic Exchange Programs
These are some of the best Traffic Exchange programs I have found to date. You can join as many as you wish as you need not join all of them.


The more programs you join the more credits you can get and in exchange, you can get more traffic to your web page.

If you are not familiar with how a Traffic Exchange Program works in detail, you can learn more from either one of the web sites listed above. They work more or less the same.

In the next series, I will teach you how you can surf for credits at the same time legally and get targeted opt-in subscribers for free.

See you again!

(To be continued in Using Traffic Exchange Programs Part 2)

Copyright (c) Edmund Loh

About the Author:
Edmund Loh is the author of the E-Biz Wiz Blog and Starting An Internet Business Special Report with over 6 years of web designing experience before he engaged in an Internet Business. Visit his website for more online business ideas and reseller tips.


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