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My Top 12 Web Site Marketing Strategies - Part 2

Part 2

7. Ezine Ads - create an ad for your product and find ezines thatcater to your target market. Write several ads and track themuntil you find one that pulls well.

8. Signature file - include this all your online and offlinecorrespondence. Set up your email client so that it does thisautomatically each time you send out an email. Include your name,who you are, what your business is about, a way to subscribe toyour newsletter, your web site address and your email.

Link strategies

9. Write articles - ezine publishers are always looking fororiginal content. You can include a link back to your web site inyour signature file. If several ezine publishers (that may havethousands of subscribers) publish your article, you can gethundreds of links pointing back to your web site.

10. Reciprocal linking - get links from other sites thatcompliment yours. ie if you just offer web design and someoneelse offers search engine optimization you could exchange linkswith each other, thus adding to the quality of each of yoursites.

11. Forums - offer your help to other forum participants thenleave a link back to your site in your signature file. Popularforums are spidered regularly by the search engines, thus givingyour site a link boost.

12. Offline marketing

Not all your customers are online. Market offline by includingyour web site information on all stationary ie letterhead, andbusiness cards. Place ads in newspapers, trade publications, sendout postcards, fliers and get involved in local organizationssuch as the Chamber of Commerce. You can even set up your ownlocal club or be a guest speaker for others.

Continuously evaluate, test and refine your web site marketingstrategies so that you can apply them to any product. Theseare the keys to building a successful online business.

Here are the 6 Web Site Marketing Strategies discussed in Part 1 of this article.

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