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Steer Clear of the Internet Traffic Jam

Yesterday, I got stuck in a traffic jam. It wasn't the first time and unfortunately won't be the last time! 5 miles of bright beaming red tail lights flickering in my eyes. Just the thought of it makes me kind of nauseas. Especially, when all I was trying to do was go to the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk!

I've noticed my offline experiences sometimes mimic my online experiences. You see, the internet offers us the opportunity to travel in millions of different directions. Yet, many times we get stuck in an internet traffic jam.........

A super information highway with people going in several different directions. However, many times those directions lead to a crash. Yes, it sounds crazy but it's absolutely true! When I first became an internet marketer, I tried several different methods to generate traffic to my sites. Here were a couple of methods that I implemented:

  • FFA Pages

  • Safelists

Please note that I am only expressing my opinions and experiences below:

FFA-Free For All pages are sites with links to several other sites. The object is to list your site to these pages which will bring traffic to your site and increase your popularity in the search engines. Generally, it's just a plain web page with little links to several other sites. You are lured into thinking that you're going to direct people to your site and become popular. Well, not so fast my friend!

The people who run these sites ask you to register by entering your email address. This way they are able to personally market to you over and over again. I'm not saying that people haven't had success with FFA pages but it can definitely be a difficult task.

While you get to list a link to your site with a little blurb, these sites are so popular that you often get pushed right off the page in a short amount of time! Plus, I noticed that most people don't take the time to look at a page with thousands of little links on it anyway!

It's kind of like being in your car in a traffic jam on a beautiful day. The sun is out, and the flowers are in full bloom, but all you see are the tail lights right in front of you!

My experiences with safelists are similar to FFA pages. Safelists are email advertisements. The only reason they are "safe" is because the people who join them agree that in order to send out information about their product or program they must also accept email from other members of the safelist.

This leads to several thousand emails flooding into your inbox on a daily basis! Once again, I found myself in an internet traffic jam! All I wanted to do was show people my products and site, not just hope and wish that they would open my email or click on my links.

Now, I avoid the internet traffic jam, by steering clear of FFA pages and Safelists.

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