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3 Ways To Get More Website Traffic That Buys

Who else wants traffic that buys? I for sure do, and aftertrying out various website traffic generating methods andstrategies. I have finally managed to pin point 3 strategiesthat will almost always bring you website traffic that buysyour products or services.

1) Pay Per Click Advertising

This is probably the easiest of the three, that is why I havementioned first. However, it is the only that is not free.Just incase you do not know what Pay Per Click Advertising ishere is a short description.

Pay per click advertising is when you select specific keywords related to your product and then you bid a certainamount per click. What then happens is every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay for each click, hence the termpay per click.

This service is provided by most of the big search engines,for example,, and more.

For a list of pay per click search engines, go here:

2) Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are also a great way to get more trafficthat buys. It all depends on the quality of the relationshipbetween your joint venture partner and his/her opt-in list.Usually the better the relationship, the better your results.

What I mean by this is, if your joint venture partner has built credibility with his opt-in list, they are more likelyto buy your product or service just because of the personalrecommendation. Provided that it's a product or service theyneed, of course.

Where and how do you find joint venture partners? Simplytarget those people in your industry or niche who have already established themselves and own a list of subscribersor even better a list of customers.

You can do a search, for your particular niche and see whichwebsites are in the top 10, contact the website owners.

For more information on how to joint venture, click here:

3) Your Opt In List

I have purposely left this for the number 3 spot. This isbecause it completely relies on the success of the other two ways I have already mentioned above.

An opt-in list is the most valuable asset any internetbusiness can own.

Your website should allow for your visitors to opt-in to yourlist. This allows you to follow up with your visitors, buildyour credibility and ultimately convince them to buy from you.

It is very important to build a strong relationship with your list and build your credibility. Email valuable information, free stuff, special offers etc. Every email you send should be written as if you are writing to one person, your friend.

As a result, your opt-in list will almost always bring you more website traffic that buys your products or services.

More information on how to build a responsive opt-in list:

These are just some of the strategies that were revealed bytop internet marketers when I interviewd them. I have in turn taken their strategies, tried and tested them out for myself and this article is my report on my personal findings.

Munya Chinongoza is an up and coming internet marketing protégéeHe is also the author of "Guru Traffic Secrets Vol.1" in whichHe recently interviewed 14 top internet marketers "gurus"and asked them to reveal how they drive unlimited targetedtraffic to their websites everyday, usually with little or noeffort at all on their part:


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