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Web Site Marketing: Discover 10 Sneaky Ways To Prolong Your Visitors Stay At Your Website

The longer your website visitors stay, the more theywill get to know your business and perhaps buy fromyou.

So, below are 10 sneaky, web site marketing ways to keep them longer?

1. Offer a free ebook that's published right on yourweb site. They would have to stay at your web siteto read it.

2. Give your visitors a different free bonus for eachlink they click-through on your web site. Example:"If you click on this link you'll get a FREE course!"

3. Make your content into a story format. They willwant to keep reading to find out what happens atthe end of the story.

4. Offer a search option on your web site. Peoplewill stay longer because it gives them the option ofsearching through your web site using keywords.

5. Provide a chat room on your web site. They willwant to chat with other people that are interested inthe subject.

6. Write your content so it attracts their five senses.Use plenty of adjectives. The will stay focused onyour web site and block out other distractions.

7. Add a "FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions" parton your web site. People won't email you a questionand leave. They will stay to find out the answer.

8. Offer easy navigation. People will leave quickerif they have a hard time finding what they're lookingfor. Don't get them lost or they will leave.

9. Give them plenty of things to do at your web site.Allow them to submit classified ads, play interactivegames, add their link, sign your guest book, etc.

10. Offer free online tools they can use right at yourweb site. It could be a search engine submitter, ador letter templates, ebook compiler, etc.

May these web site marketing secrets help you to make a lot of money.


I-key Benney, CEO

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