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Website Traffic: How To Generate An Extra 108,160 Hits A Year, Without Working Hard.

Traffic is the food that every website needs in order toremain alive and be profitable.

Do you want to increase your website traffic?

I know your answer is yes.

But it is getting harder daily to attract traffic.

Most websites and businesses are being starved to deathbecause of lack of traffic.

Most of you have seen those little award graphics onweb sites.

They are given to the web site by anotherweb site or award association to reward the web sitefor a specific reason.

They usually link right to the site that has given the award.

These award sites are drawing tons of traffic to theirown web site.

The reason is because all the web sites who get the awards are linking right back to them by posting the award on their web site.

What is stopping you from offering other awards toother web sites?

You could design a graphic for the award.

The graphic could include something that willdraw them to your web site.

Have an online form at your web site so other people can enter to qualify for the award.

You then judge all the entrees and pick a winner.

You give them the award graphic with a link included.

They post it on their web site and now they're linking your web site.

You could offer web site awards for many reasons.

The web site might offer outstanding and originalcontent.

The design of the web site could be veryprofessional.

It could have a fast load time.

It could include original web features that aren't found on most web sites.

The site may be easy to navigate through.

Let's say you give out 20 web site awards a week.In a year that would be 1040 people linking to yourweb site.

If you received 2 hits a week from each link, that would be 104 hits a year from each award you have given.

That equals an extra 108,160 hits to your web site a year!

May these web site traffic secrets help you to make a lotof money.


I-key Benney, CEO

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