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Profitable Content
By: Syd Johnson

You can create profitable content in 2 hours or less

Everyone knows that the best way to get a high ranking on the search engines is to create a lot of keyword rich content. You can write the articles on your own--in fact, if you write one article per day, you will have over 300 articles by the end of the year.

Thatís enough to get your high google page rank because of the sheer volume of pages, and because it is original and not recycled content. The search engines are attracted by the fresh content, and will send over more unique traffic to your website.

More unique visitors will translate in more online sales.

So what are some quick techniques for generating content?

1. Publish your blog to your website.

If you are a regular blogger, use your ftp program to publish the content directly to a page on your site. Itís a really quick way to add pages of extra content for your next search engine update. In addition to your own postings, there are comments from site visitors which help to boost the average page content to anywhere from a few hundred, to a few thousand new words added per day. As long as you have adequate incoming links, the search engines will find you, re-index the site and update accordingly.

2. Questions and Answers

As you get questions via email, create updated answers and put them on a few Q & A pages. You can also expand the questions and the answers to full length articles that you can post on your site, or post one of online article directories. One article on the right directory can give you hundreds and possibly thousands of new incoming links.

3. Edit Old copy

Take out some of your older articles. If there are any topics that you rushed through, now is the time to expand it. For example, if you created an article with 10 ways to do something, expand each suggestion into its own full length article. You already have knowledge of the topic and so you can easily create 10 new pages for your website.

4. Buy packages with resale rights

But, donít just turn around and resell the items. Instead, read through the content, and add your own special touch. Rewrite the table of contents, create a new overview, expand on a certain area and add extra pages, add new links and resources, software tools and more. This will make your package dramatically different from all others that bought the package and simply expected to make a sale with no effort.

If you buy a package with resale rights to post it online, use your basic design skills to reformat the content and change a 100% recycled product into a 50% unique product. It gives you a marketing edge and also creates excellent copy for the search engines.

5. Repackage old content into ebooks

Take all of your old ezines and articles from the past two years. Update the information, add new links and turn it into and ebook. Then offer the ebook for sale on your site or on a service like Clickbank. Ebooks are very popular, require no warehousing and are incredibly profitable. You can do the copywriting, design and actual ebook creation all on your own for under $100. Give it a try and youíll be surprised at the results.

6. Hire a ghost writer

Go to some of the freelance boards and put your projects up for bid. I have heard of articles being sold for as little as $20 for a complete, professionally written article by a freelancer. This is probably the fastest way to create original, profitable content for anyone who is not a writer and doesnít trust their own writing skills.

These are just a few tips to get you started.

About the Author

This article may be distributed freely as long as there is an active link back to http://www.rapidlingo.com.

Syd Johnson

This article was posted on February 23, 2007

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