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Linking Strategies for Google
By: SEO Company

Google has recently filed an application for a United States patent including the use of historical data in analyzing links. This has caused quite a buzz. Many articles are being written about new linking strategies for Google and how to "beat the system." Techniques to beat the system include registering the domain name for 10 years instead of one, repositioning your Google AdSense banner to get a better click-through rate and using third party linking strategies. All of the linking strategies geared towards beating Google's system will eventually fail. Why?

Google is using historical data to rank each website. In linking terms, this means that Google keeps track of each link's date including outbound and inbound links. The date a link is found on another site pointing back to yours is recorded. The date you put up an outbound link to another site is recorded.

Other information Google keeps track of with a date stamp is the registration date of the domain name, the date Google finds a website (usually from an inbound link) and the date that browser Favorites are added. There will be a few Webmasters who will work very hard to spoof this information and a few may even succeed. But, for the average web business owner, these shady techniques will not be an option.

So, what is the best linking strategy for the new Google? The best new strategy is the same as the best old strategy: content. Content is still king. Those who argue this point have spent too many hours trying to beat the system rather than working on content. Beating the system has worked for this group, for a while.

Adding unique, fresh relevant content to one's website is a tried and true method that has worked throughout all algorithm changes since day one. When a website has tons of unique content it naturally becomes an "authority site" and other Webmasters will want to link to this site for the sake of their own visitors.

While some Webmasters analyze the latest algorithm changes and how to beat them and strategize complex linking systems, others are working on the content. The Webmasters who have chased down the algorithm changes and made adjustments have attained success in doing so, which has encouraged them to keep doing so. But, this short-term thinking falls short of the long-term strategy of content. The "add content" method and the "chasing" method are analogous to the stock market. Some invest for the long-haul while others chase down the latest hot stock tips.

Content is investing for the long-haul. When search engine fads and techniques come and go, websites with lots of unique content have ridden the waves instead of being tumbled by them. So, the best new linking strategy for Google turns out to be the best old strategy and the simplest. Add content.

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SEO Company is a search engine optimization firm geared to achieve high rankings for customer websites.

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