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Ezine Publishers, Don't Be Long-Sighted!
By: Mike Beatham

Dear E-Publisher/marketer,

I want you to think about the following:

  • How valuable has your email list been to you in the past year?

  • What are you trying to achieve with your ezine(s)?

  • Which products will REALLY help you expand your opportunities and sales?

They sound so obvious when they are highlighted like this, but many ezine publishers and marketers get caught up in areas that really aren't helping their business - free traffic from un-targeted sources, banner submitters that may as well scrawl "clicking this link will give your PC a virus" on your ad, and other useless promises that annoy and disappoint us all.

This is all about back-to-basics thinking. There is a time to be clever, and a time to be smart.

If you have been disappointed with your ezine's performance over the past year, it's probably not your fault - you may have a huge list and you may have great products. But whatever your performance, I guarantee you are still spending too much time, and too much money. All you want is one resource with 10 simple products, any of which will be the 1st - 10th best investment you could possibly make out of thousands.

Cut to the chase, narrow down. Forget short-sighted - you can be long-sighted as well.

I've been monitoring the top-10 ezine success products on the web over the past few weeks and it's clear to me why these products have sold better than all the other thousands of junk promises on the web, why they have maintained their top 10 spot for weeks, months and even years in some cases, and why VERY few refunds are asked for under their 30-90 day iron-clad guarantees.

If you're using a regular search engine to find "ezine advice" or products to help you succeed, you're wasting time and money. You see, the products listed on pages 1-3 of search engines are not ranked there because of customer feedback or satisfaction. You need a free system that checks daily which products are truly helping marketers, like you, succeed.

Once you have this daily-updated chart in front of you, you'll know the products you see are the most legitimate and most useful to you on the net today. You won't need to bother looking anywhere else, because you'll have the best on the screen, in front of you. Period.

If you do not use proven products that have reached the top-10 out of THOUSANDS because they work, avoid the garbage promises and have satisfied the highest number of ezine publishers, you're missing out BIG TIME.

Think about if you're choosing which bank to go with - there are so many aspects to compare, but if you found a site that listed the top-10 banks based on customer approval, customer value and customer loyalty wouldn't you follow it? Well, it's the same with anything else - don't search through comparison sites that promote the products that rake in the highest affiliate commissions for THEM, browse the 10 BEST products based on something you respect - customer satisfaction.

visit: BeathamSales.com/promotion and realise this is the one time to avoid looking "outside the box"

Until next time, here's to the future

Mike Beatham

About the Author

Internet marketer from the UK, currently I'm involved in affiliate marketing and clickbank info products. Got to www.beathamsales.com and see some of the products we offer.


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